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About the brand

Shasha Gaba

A staunch believer of timeless fashion and a naturalist at heart, Shasha Gaba is a label that finds its aesthetics from the nature. Inspired by the asymmetry in nature and the love for chic silhouettes, the brand thrives on dainty details, exquisite craftsmanship to provide to its clientele a sartorial elegance. An enthusiast in every sphere, Shasha seeks inspiration from the multi-faceted nature. Moving forward with a belief that each garment is timeless and is no less than a piece of art, she breathes life into each design. A perfectionist at heart, she loves to create handcrafted outfits. With a penchant towards creating opulent fabrics and ornate embroideries, the tenet of the brand is to design in a manner that it exudes art and has a whiff of freshness to it.


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