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La Vie en Rose

A dream woven somewhere in the by-lanes of Paris, a clock struck midnight on a fine summer night. Being the dreamer she is, she saw her life in the bloom of the cherry blossoms that swayed with the breeze. She remembers walking to that jazz club at the nook of the street. The collection is a sublime journey of how she’s inspired from the understated grandeur of the city, an enchanting tale that makes her nostalgic of the streets, the fine wine, and her lover.


The collection brings International silhouettes to the fore, with a Parisian imagination for global mavens. Its grandeur lies in its timeless eclectic silhouettes, understated appeal, fine craftsmanship and soft sheer fabrics. With colors borrowed from the pinks of the cherry blossoms, roses and peonies the imagery is soft pink tones. The silhouettes reflect the fine vintage feel of the city with dainty contemporary details.

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