Occasion Wedding Dress -Shirin Yoku Collection | Shasha Gaba


Shinrin-Yoku is a call of the forest. With a literal meaning of “forest bathing” Shinrin-yoku walks one into the woods, on the dry leaves, listening to the music they create. It’s a trail which once treaded on, makes one see the bountiful flora and is nothing less than a therapy.Inspired from a trail with whimsical flowers, a wood with lush green grass translated into embroidery motifs, hues transliterated from the forest earth, fabric woven as close to nature Shinrin-Yoku is a collection with a splash of florals, made with love.  It incorporates a sustainable tencel fabric and silk organza to create minimal yet impactful silhouettes with a splash of florals in various hues and organic shapes found on birch trees.

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